Is the Logistics Industry Finally Catching Up?

There’s been a great deal of talk lately about the speed at which the Indian logistics sector is actually growing as well as the transformation it’s undergoing. The sector has really metamorphosed from a insignificant past to a vibrant and swiftly evolving sector.

The logistics segment of India has turned into a vital enabler for economic development during the last couple of years. With the development experienced by major industries like car, pharmaceutical, retail and FMCG, among others the Indian economy is actually expected perform very well in the coming years. This’s very great news for the strategies industry.

It’s well known that logistics has never been regarded as a sunshine business and has never been in the spotlight.

It’s rarely merited the thanks interest of the Government as when compared with various other industries. Infrastructure, unfavourable policies, lack of Governmental help and also the normal apathy of the industry towards the own growth of its had bogged it down.

Needless to say the scenario differs from country to country, but nonetheless logistics is still the underdog. The growth rate being barely well worth a mention and with the cream of the educated employable in the nation refusing to consider it as job prospect, logistics industry has fairly been in obscurity.

Within the strategies segment there continues to be a great deal of churning as well as soul searching to undo the errors of the past and steer towards a much better path, certainly one of re alignment and growth to present times. We come across a new phenomena among numerous logistics makers, taking up the job of third party logistics (3PL) service providers.

This’s because buyers these days look for answers rather than only a product or a service and also the strategies businesses have come to understand the basic fact that they have to change in case they want to distinguish themselves from the crowd.

The cut throat competition of the industry causes it to be necessary for service providers to hone the competitive edges of theirs and ready themselves for the difficulties.

This’s exactly what a lot of players have started doing and it’s high time they did. Apart from restructuring the procedures of theirs and sprucing up their operational abilities logistics businesses have turned the attention of theirs to technology and innovation.

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